Large Tree Transplanting

At DeMarco’s we know that mature trees are an asset to any great landscape, both for aesthetic and sentimental reasons.  Large trees provide instant privacy, noise barriers and are great for the environment. Plus they are proven to increase the value of your property.  Just tell us where you want your trees and our professional tree transplanting staff will help to ensure your trees are properly transplanted.

We believe that “Patience is Overrated”.  Did you know that you can save ten years of growing time by having a large new tree installed?  We can transplant large trees that would otherwise be lost due to construction or demolition.  We can even dig and package very large trees for installation where truck access is not an option.

Supplying and Installing New Trees

In order to offer the widest selection of new, large trees, your new tree may be chosen from our own local nursery or several other exclusive nurseries.  We can also match and replace a damaged or dead tree assuring the aesthetic balance of trees for your landscaping.

Tree Transplanting

We can relocate trees on or off site saving you the cost of planting new trees.  Large trees can also be moved in order to provide instant shade for houses, decks, patios, etc.

Custom Digging and Packaging

Our team can dig, burlap and wire basket up to 90-inch diameter root balls.  We can load, secure and tarp trees for any transporter or provide trucks for delivering the large packaged trees to your site.